Lonely Housewives – A Simple Thought on an Affair

Did you know that there are dating sites for the married…for the lonely housewives who are neglected by their husbands? Yes, it’s all legit and your identity will be well hidden and protected. A couple weeks ago, some hackers hit a couple of popular marriage dating sites, the hacker asked the owner to shut down their activity because they are offering illicit affairs.

Simple Stats

Not all members of these sites are married but looking people. Sometimes, they are happily married but wanting a new spice in their life. And I believe it’s only a matter of statistic, but the site’s members are predominantly male, with only a handful of married woman who are openly looking for an affair. Anyhow, there’s no telling why they choose to be involved in such sites. Maybe the idea of having an affair alone is tantalizing enough. Or maybe, they do have issues in their marriage.

What Mostly Happen

In many affair cases, it’s always between married men and single women. And these sites are often accused to be the cause of a broken marriage. People often are unaware the existence of married but lonely couple. It could happen to both of them, not just one. Many people think that what you see is really what you get. So when someone claimed as being unhappy or lonely, their friends won’t believe it because they seem to be living a happy life, surrounded by people who love them. But again, you never know what’s in one’s heart.

You sure have seen this topic being talked about in many daytime TV, or became a main theme of a book or movie. But what you, as well as other people, often forget is that it could happen to anyone. You don’t have to be married but lonely to be involved in an affair. You could be the best friend who oversees everything and act as sideline counselor. Anyway, there’s no point on judging people who are engaged in an affair or illicit relationship, whether they’re already married or not. It’s a matter on how you can be satisfied with your own relationship status and not to complicate matters.